Application Guidance

What do you support?

We support small capital grants rather than general running costs with the majority of grants awarded being less than £1,000. However, on some occasions considerably more has been given. The Trustees consider that the important thing is to provide the right amount of money for the project and evaluate the value provided to the community.

The Trust has given grants to a whole range of different groups: schools, community centres, sports clubs, music societies, environmental, playgroups, theatre groups, village halls and youth organisations.

It’s worth trying any good idea on us but please bear in mind that we do not support individuals and those benefiting from the proposed grant must be local to Basingstoke.

How do we apply?

The Four Lanes Trust has always prided itself on having a simple and informal application process. We have only recently introduced an application form to guide you with structuring your application and to give you confidence in the information you are submitting. There are no minimum/maximum words required for each section as we recognise the diversity of each group and project requesting support. If you are small group with a simple request then a short application may well be sufficient, but if your organisation is large and your project is extensive then you will naturally need more words to paint the picture for us.

Simply complete the form below and answer each section making sure that you give us as much detail as you feel is appropriate. Once you have submitted your application email a copy of your latest accounts to the director (

Shortly after receiving your application the Director will contact you to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your application further. This is simply to ensure that we understand the framework under which your project will be delivered and the impact it will have on those benefiting from it.

When do we decide?

The trustees generally meet three times a year: in March, June and November with each date being set at the preceding meeting.

As a guide, applications will close February 1st, May 1st and October 1st to allow for informal meetings with applicants, report writing and submission of applications to the Trustees.

Please note that applications may close earlier/later than this depending on the date of the meeting or other circumstances. Please contact the Director if you would like the exact dates.

NB. The next decision making meeting will be Tuesday 25th June. APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED FOR THE JUNE MEETING.

What do we need to supply?

It is expected that applicants have a constitution, a bank account and financial records. However, grants have also been given to those seeking support to set up a new group. You will need to supply a copy of your latest accounts to support your application. These should be emailed to If this is a problem for you let the director know.